Wild Game Processing Prices

Deer Processing Available at North Toledo Location ONLY

You get the deer you bring in! We make sure the entire deer is returned to you, so you are guaranteed the deer you killed, no questions asked. Zavotski’s is one of the only wild game and wild deer processors in Toledo, with a wide variety of ways to prepare your deer or other wild game to be eaten. From venison steaks and jerky, to fresh ground sausages and Bratwurst, Zavotski’s is the only butcher in Toledo you can trust your wild deer processing to.

Whole Deer (with Skin): $100.00

Whole Deer (without Skin): $80.00

All deer processing order requires a $50 deposit.

Processing includes: Boning, Cutting steaks, chops, roasts or grinding. All cuts are wrapped and labeled.

  • Carcass Cleaning $25.00
  • Grinding of Deer Meat $1.89/lb. (Up to $80)
  • Single Deer Parts, Boned $189/lb. (Up to $80)
  • Ground pork meat $2.49/lb.
If you choose to add pork to your ground deer meat, we suggest a 3 lbs. deer to 1 lb. Pork ratio.

Available Sausage Prices

All Sausage Products require a $30 Deposit
Pricing on Dressed Weight Freezer Paper Wrap
Summer Sausage 12.5lbs/$40.00
Summer Sausage with Cheese 12.5lbs/$42.00
Summer Sausage with Jalapenos and Cheese 12.5lbs/$43.00
Landjagers 12.5lbs/$45.00
Landjagers with Cheese
Bratwurst, Kielbasa or Andouille 12.5 lbs./$35.00
Above, with Cheese 12.5 lbs./$38.00
Above, with Jalapenos and Cheese 12.5 lbs./$39.00
Jerky Meat, Raw Weight 6.25lbs/$30.00
Pricing on Dressed Weight Freezer Paper Wrap
Fresh Sausage 12.5 lbs./ $35.00
25 lbs./ $65.00
Italian Link Sausage 12.5 lbs./ $35.00
25 lbs./ $65.00
Bratwurst 12.5 lbs./ $35.00
25 lbs./ $65.00
Bratwurst w/Jalapenos and Cheese 12.5 lbs./ $39.00
25 lbs./ $73.00
Kielbasa 12.5 lbs./ $35.00
25 lbs./ $65.00
Bulk Breakfast Sausage 12.5 lbs./ $28.00
25 lbs./ $52.00
Pricing on Dressed Weight Freezer Paper Wrap
Buck Bacon 12.5lbs/$45.00
Salisbury Steaks 12.5 lbs./$35.00
Gourmet Burgers 12.5lbs/$45.00

Field Dressing Technique

  • Cut around the rectum, to free it and the bladder
  • Remove the paunch, intestines, bladder and rectum
  • Split rounds at seam to pelvis. Split bone if possible. Be careful not to jab into the rounds
  • Watch out for the tenderloins!
  • Cut around the diaphragm to remove lungs heat and esophagus
  • Remove the udder from female deer
  • Rinse as soon as possible with cold water
  • If it is gut shot, rinse IMMEDIATELY with cold water
  • Pack carcass with ice in the chest and rounds. Wrap deer to protect from flies and debris.
  • Keep the deer cool, clean and covered at all times!

Boneless Meat Processing

  • We ask that you chunk your deer meat in pieces no larger than your fist
  • Ground burger and sausages can be made from your chunks of boneless deer meat
  • Boneless orders are processed after whole deer orders are complete