Whole Deer Processing

Your deer is returned to you.

Boneless Meat Processing
We ask that you chunk your deer meat in pieces no larger than your fist. Ground burger and sausages can be made from your chunks of boneless deer meet. Boneless orders are processed after whole deer orders are complete.

Processing includes: boning, cutting steaks or chops, roasts or grinding, wrapped and labeled.
If you choose to add pork to your grinds we recommend adding it in a 2 to 1 ratio (deer to pork) @ $2.49/lb.  

Whole Deer (with skin) -- $100.00
Whole Deer (without skin) -- 80.00
Carcass Cleaning -- $25.00
Grinding of Deer Meat -- $1.89/lb. (not to exceed $80.00)
Deer Parts, Boned -- $1.89/lb. (not to exceed $80.00)

IMPORTANT NOTE: State Tag must be provided when dropping off whole deer or boneless meat for processing.

deer processing