Know Your USDA Meat Grades! by Dave Zawacki, Zavotski Custom Meats & Deli
The large majority of the beef sold at Zavotski’s is Angus Choice Beef. Angus Beef is a Scottish breed of cattle, formally called Aberdeen Angus after their place of origin.

Angus cattle are among the most commonly Kendrick Lamar Bitch, Dant Kill My Vibe download mp3 for free used breed in American beef production. They’re popular among producers and consumers because they have more meat on their bones than other breeds, and their meat has a distinctive “marbling” (flecks of fat), which contributes to the meats flavor Bruno Mars Show Me telecharger mp3 and texture.
USDA Meat Grades
Angus cattle are raised all over the world in come in two colors: black and red, but more important than the color of the breed of the cattle is its USDA Beef Grade. There are 6 USDA Beef Grades: Prime, Choice, Select, Commercial, Utility, and Cutter. The top 3 grades are sold for retail (i.e., high-end restaurants, specialty meat stores, grocery stores, etc.), and the bottom 3 grades are sold for large commercial applications such as McDonalds, Burger King, and Taco Bell.
The top retail grade of beef is Prime. Only 2% of all beef graded in the U.S. is Prime, of that 2% approximately 50% is exported to Japan. Because of the supply and demand, Prime beef is hard to find at retail stores and is very expensive, usually sold at high-end restaurants. Choice beef is absolutely the next best alternative to Prime. Choice beef still has superior marbling to all other grades below it. The marbling “flecks of fat inside the meat “is what makes these steaks flavorful, juicy, and tender. At Zavotski’s we carry only Choice grade beef.

Most other meat markets and grocery stores carry Select grade beef, which is leaner, cheaper and not as consistently tender as Choice.

I think eating a steak should be an event. A special dinner you don’t eat everyday. So when I eat steak and I own a meat market I want a great one, that’s why Zavotski’s carries USDA Angus Choice Grade Beef.